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Leighann Foster

Knitted Quilt

Artist's Statement

I am primarily a still life oil painter working from life. I also paint landscapes on location and from photographs. My style is narrative and realistic. I paint for myself and subjects that interest me.
I seek out and investigate subjects that women can relate to like children, cooking, sewing, clothing, accessories, and the fiber arts. My background in these subjects influence my work.
I plan out and draw in the composition to establish space and movement. Next my focus is on the color of the light and how it affects form, shadows, edges, and local color. I block in the colors and work from the general to the specific using several layers of paint, letting the previous layer show through to build up interesting paint passages. Sometimes I use transfer letters and marks for detail which is protected by a layer of Liquin.
One of my interests is the Mid Century Modern “Contemporary“ style from the 1940s-1960s. I find old patterns, date them, and then research fabric designs and designers to match the era of the pattern. I put together a composition that tells a story about dress-making. I steer away from conventional still life compositions in my designs to avoid predictability.
I also paint narratives with figures in landscapes, mostly children and my grandchildren in particular. Here again is a subject most women can relate to.

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